Friday, July 18, 2014

Silvia, Colombia

Georgie, Mosan and I had heard about the Tuesday market in Silvia. The Guambiano Indians bring all of their produce and handicrafts to the town market. The buses arrive in the town square early in the morning. We took a short bus ride to Silvia and arrived at 8 AM. As we stepped off the bus at the town square, it was like stepping back in time. 
The Guambiano's are indigenous to the region and dress in traditional clothing. The women wear black skirts, a blue poncho, black bolo hat and boots. The men wear blue skirts and similar shoes and hats. They do not like to be photographed and I was sensitive to their feelings asking if I could take a photo. 

As we entered the market, we noticed what was farmed in this region, the primary crop was potatoes. Bags and bags of potatoes.  
Georgie, Mosan and I wandered the market looking at the fresh fruits and vegetables. We talked with a man and his family about their fresh made cheeses and they have is a taste. He and his family have come to the market for years and recommended that we go to a stand and order coffee with cheese. Why not? We ordered and sat down at the table. Georgie, Mosan and I sat and wondered what coffee would taste like with cheese in it. We laughed when the saucer was set down and noticed that the cheese was on the side. It was all delicious but we did not put the cheese in the coffee. We finished our snack and walked around the produce market. People smiled and waved to us to look at their products.  
As we walked out the back door, we came upon the livestock market. We saw these 3 women checking out 2 calves for sale. We watched as they talked amongst themselves and negotiated a price.
Eventually, We went over to ask the price of the cattle. The man was very excited to sell them to us. He wanted $250 (USD) for the larger one. He was disappointed when we told him we were traveling and unable to buy one. We were just interested in the going rate.
Around the next corner, I saw the cutest thing! Three piglets in a wheelbarrow!
Three little pigs that went to market. I loved these little guys and wanted to play with them! Such cuties! Every street had something to explore or an interesting site.

This was their big day in the "city" and to sell their goods. One of the things that is noticeable is the women are doing the majority of the work. So, where are the men? They are with their friends at the bar. We saw our share of drunk men in the plaza and stumbling out of the bars. Most of the men were behaving well. A few were drunk and a little belligerent. Most of the women turned their heads and ignored the scene.
We stayed until noon. Many of the Guambiano's were packing up and loading the buses and jeeps with their purchases. The people waited in the town square and then loaded onto a bus to return to their homes until next week.
It was definitely worth the trip to witness this piece of their lives, laugh with the people and to enjoy the market. Another beautiful day spent in Colombia  

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